Trevor M. Ellis, ASLA

Trevor M. Ellis, ASLA – CAD Manager, Senior Site Designer

Trevor has been working in the land development field for over 28 years.  Formally trained as a mechanical draftsman at Southeastern Regional High School, Trevor started as a draftsman and has worked his way up in the industry to CAD Manager and Senior Site Designer.  As the industry evolved from handwritten field notes, to digital data collectors, so has Trevor’s skill set evolved from hand drafting to CAD.  His roots in formal drafting transcend into the digital world where his ability to create a clear, concise and appealing set of plans is second to none.

As CAD Manager at Jacobs Driscoll Engineering, Trevor will impress on the staff the “old school” ideology and ingenuity of formal draftsmanship and artistic presentation through the latest in CAD technology to create plans for your next project beautifully, accurately, and more importantly in a timely fashion.

Trevor has completed projects throughout the Metro South area and beyond including designs in the land development industry for residential and commercial, as well as retail and industrial projects of all sizes. His expertise includes but is not limited to civil engineering, land surveying, architectural, landscape design and environmental impact plans.